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ITS, Istituto Tecnico Superiore LAST

The Istituto Tecnico Superiore LAST (Technical Institute of Higher Education) is a two-year, post high school diploma specialisation course in logistics and innovative mobility systems. The project stems from sector companies' needs for qualified staff who are not easy to find on the market (according to Excelsior Unioncamere, logistics operators are at 7th place in the classification of hardest to find employees).

Over the next 5 years, the number of jobs in the logistics sector in Europe is expected to increase by 15% and companies are suffering from the lack of adequately trained professionals. Until recently, there was no highly professional training course in Italy able to provide the specific operative skills that the logistics sector requires. Last was founded to meet the needs of companies and was designed by the companies themselves since they know what they need and, due to this, students find it easy to enter immediately and coherently onto the labour market. The companies that are involved as partners in the foundation that manages ITS, deal with the training course's didactic planning, intervene in lessons (50% of the teaching activities are carried out by company experts) and provide the students' work experience training periods which take up 50% of the total course hours. See the ITS Logistica Verona site http://www.itslogistica.itHow to contact us: Verona head office Via Sommacampagna, 61 - 37137 - Verona Presso : Segreteria LAST, 4° PianoCentro direzionale Quadrante Europa Telefono: 045 495.02.49Fax: 045 495.02.50Email: [email protected]