• Interporto Quadrante Europa

    Interporto Quadrante Europa

Located at the crossroads of the Brenner (north-south direction) and the Serenissima motorways (west-east direction), as well as the corresponding railway lines, the Interporto Quadrante Europa extends over an area of 2,500,000 m² with a 4.2 million square metre extension in the pipeline.

This infrastructure system, managed and devised by Consorzio ZAI with a detailed plan approved by the Veneto Region authorities, is directly linked to Verona-Villafranca airport.

Number one in Italy in terms of integrated traffic, it has been recognised as the best freight terminal in Europe.

It is an ideal meeting point for national and international road, rail and air transport. It especially deals with international goods transport traffic to and from central and north Europe via the Brenner Pass, traffic to and from France, Spain and the Eastern European countries.

Over 7 million tons of goods transit in the Interporto by rail and 20 million tons by road. In the future, the Interporto will also be connected to the coast via the Milan-Cremona-Mantua-Legnago-Rovigo-Eastern Po river canal.

The Quadrante Europa is an organised and integrated logistics service system that functions at the highest level of efficiency and good financial management flanked by transport inter-modality (containers, semitrailers) and can truly be defined as a "Logistics Activity Park" within which 100 companies have set in and 10,000 people work (directly and indirectly).

The Veronese Interporto can therefore be considered as a one-of-its-kind  logistics infrastructure supporting production that unites 3 main operating categories: production activities, i.e. "loaders", forwarding agents and logistics operators.
The Quadrante Europa inter-connects the various types of transport (rail, road and air). It groups traffic flows and provides access to European transport corridors. Since it is totally wired up with a telecommunications system, it offers operators data transmission services, telephone systems, video support and access to international databases. It provides quality logistics services.