• City Park

    City Park

The Interporto Quadrante Europa's City Park extends over 70,000 m². An old quarry that was abandoned about 20 years ago, the park now includes a 6,000 m² lake.  
Plans to extend the park in the near future will take the overall area to 100,000 m². The Consorzio ZAI re-developed the area into a park for the city, sporting associations and particularly to serve the citizens of Verona's 4th urban district.

The Park has been entirely fenced and has two entrances, one for the citizens and other users and another for maintenance staff.  
Three itineraries have been built within the park to a total of 3 km, each with its own degree of difficulty: one along the shores of the lake, a medium-level path and one at the height of the road.
The medium-level path is 1,000 m long and has been surfaced and lowered to lessen the environmental impact. It can be used for pedestrians and cyclists alike.
The Park is equipped with benches and litter bins in the seating areas and the cycle path is entirely illuminated
A small wooden building housing toilets and the lighting system has been erected at the entrance. A 2,600 m² car park will be constructed in the near future with space for 250 cars. It will be linked to a cycle path from the Santa Lucia area of Verona. At the moment there is a public car park next to the Park.

The lake, ideal for fishing and canoeing, has an internal safety fence. From an environmental point of view, the area boasts a valuable reed thicket as well as fish and other water animals. There are also about thirty species of animal within the park.
The Consorzio has planted and revived the vegetation  and currently 10,000 square metres of the area is tree-covered. In fact, besides the natural vegetation, the Park has about thirty different types of tree.