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Logimaster, Master in Integrated Logistics

LogiMaster* trains Logistics Managers and Supply Chain Managers*.
European and international emphasis is guaranteed by a network of collaboration with the best schools and foreign logistics institutions. The didactic course has been structured in such a way as to favour the development of individual skills in implementing projects. LogiMaster is not just a higher education training course, it is also an open system, an exchange of educational experiences and research in an internal and international relations context. 

LogiMaster was set up thanks to the active collaboration of several enterprising companies which made it possible for the training project to become a reality. The Interporto Quadrante Europa in Verona is one of the first and most important supporters.

A brief outline of the aims:

* To provide the students with an in-depth and specialist knowledge of the specific managerial field of Supply Chain Management
* To train highly specialised professionals (Logistics Managers, Supply Chain Managers)
* To provide the students with a network of contacts with small, medium and large companies and the best logistics schools worldwide
* To provide advanced knowledge of managerial techniques, territorial logistics systems, updated software applications, technical English terminology
* To give students international visibility through final workshop project presentations, specialised publications on SCM sites and in the LogimasterNews and by means of enrolment in the Logimasterclub

LogiMaster is a *First Class Centre for the study of logistics* and SCM and a point of contact for institutions, research centres and Italian and foreign schools. Due to the establishment of this international network, LogiMaster contributes to spreading know-how in the various sectors concerned by offering itself as an avant-garde research forum for Logistics. Some ongoing research studies: Logistics improve with logistics district companies, relations between Marketing and Logistics, returned goods management, risk management in supply chains, performance measuring.

See the LogiMaster site http://www.logimaster.it

How to contact us:
+39 045 8028219
+39 338 8950740
+39 045 8028488

Mailing address:
Segreteria Organizzativa LogiMaster, Dipartimento di Economia Aziendale, Polo Santa Marta, via Cantarane, 24 - 37129 VERONA
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Phone: +39 045 8028219

The organization of LogiMaster:

Founder and Scientific Coordinator, Prof. Antonio Borghesi
Director, Prof. Barbara Gaudenzi
Communication Manager - Business relationship, Dr. Ivan Russo
Students Coordinator, Dr. Ilenia Confente

Organizing Secretary, Dr. Francesca Bercelli - Polo Santa Marta, via Cantarane, 24 37129 Verona tel. 045 8028219